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Essential Oils for Yoga

Essential oils are powerful plant medicines which have been used for thousands of years in many health areas. Oils have myriad of uses, they can improve emotional and mental well-being and each individual oils possessing unique qualities.

Yoga stress balance breathing and balance mind or body. Essential oils focus on release pressure and anxiety. Therefore, when it comes to using oils to enhance yoga experience, essential oils can affect practicer mood and energy.

Different combinations of essential oils will bring different feelings to the experiencer. For example, adding lavender and chamomile ingredients to the essential oils can soothe the mood which can help people relax and widely renowned for their calming influence. While adding peppermint and citrus elements to the essential oil will have a more uplifting effect.

With more and more people looking to natural health remedies, their popularity is soaring, and for good reason. Using essential oils for yoga can give your a bit of magic and an extra sparkle.  The right and suitable oils can improve your immune system, improving your sleep quality and decreasing cold and allergy congestion.

How to incorporate essential oils into your yoga practice?  There are many different ways to combine the benefits of aromatherapy with your yoga practice. Here are a few suggestions:

1: Hatha Yoga

Traditional Hatha Yoga focuses on soothing postures to exercise mind control. When practice this kind of Yoga, it’s better to choose the essential oils which can bring soothing affect. For the ingredients, lavender essential oils are the best choice as it is particular helpful because of the relaxation it provides.

2: Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is mainly focused on stretching and relaxing the lower back. Basil and fennel essential oils are great for this yoga.

3: Yoga Meditation

When you practice meditation, choose the soothing and warm oils. Therefore, sandalwood, frankincense, rosewood and orange blossom are all good choices as these elements can bring the calm and dignified feelings. These kinds of feelings can help to ease the pain and irritability. At the same time, frankincense brings light and mild breathing, which can help practitioners adjust breathing, make whole practice process more relaxed and free.

Essential oil has very good influence of antibacterial. After the yoga practice, mix some essential oils and water in proportion and spray it on the yoga mat and the air, it can inhibit the bacteria of the yoga mat and purify the air.

All in all, Yoga is intimately connected with the essential oils. Whether you are a yoga beginner, experienced practitioner, or the yoga teacher, everyone can get benefit from using essential oils while practicing yoga.

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