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1: Why we need customized fresh skin care products every month?

Everyone’s skin quality will be changed with the growth of age, the change of seasonal environment, the living environment, diet and rest, and daily skin maintenance. Blindly using the same series of skin care products cannot effectively supplement skin nutrition, so we need according to the changes of the seasons, constantly adjust skin care ingredients for the different seasons to raise our skin’s resistance-ability make sure skin looks young with fine and soft texture.

2: Why according to different seasons choose skin care products are more effective?

Everyone’s skin condition is not the same all the year round, and everyone needs different skin nutrition in each season. Different types of skin, such as oily, dry, sensitive has much related with acquired living environment, personal diet and rest, daily skin maintenance. As the saying goes, different kinds of fruits and vegetables have different stages of maturation and people is requiring to increase or decrease the clothes in different climates. Same with the skin, each season will brings different feelings to the skin. In order to let skin adapt to the changing season, increase the skin resistance, choosing the most suitable skin care products in different solar terms is the most correct and effective concept of skin care.

3: Why we according to seasons choose skin care products rather than different skin types?

A lot of people have misunderstanding of choosing skin care products which is using the same types of skin care products all the years. In their mind, oily skin types have to choose the skin product which is focus on control oil all the year round, whereas the dry skin types no matter which seasons all need moist skin care products. In fact, this kind of skin care concept is not correct. Each skin types in different seasons cannot use the same series of skin care products, such as dry skin cannot use extremely moist skin care products all the year round, to the summer also require to use light products whereas oily skin cannot use oil control skin care product every day, the skin also need moisture in winter to be protected. As long as the skin doesn’t has a serious problem which needs the extra care, all types of skin need to prevent dryness and allergies in spring, focus on refreshing and oil-balanced in summer, pay attention to skin resistance in autumn, and strengthen skin moisturizing in winter. BEICARE monthly customized skin care products according to the different seasons design formula, make sure to help oily, dry, sensitive, mixed skin return to neutral effectively.

4: Why BEI` CARE skin product has no specifically for sensitive skin?

All the original materials of Beicare are from natural organic herbs, without adding any preservatives, flavor, pigment and other ingredients that may cause allergies. Therefore, each skin care product is gentle and even sensitive skin can be used safely.

5: How can we do if the customized skin care products are not suitable for some individual skin?

BEICARE’s skin care goal and intention is helping oily, dry, sensitive, and combination skin return to neutral. All the customized skin care products can help most of people solve skin problems. However, due to the difference of skin condition, the influence of living environment and other internal and external factors, if you feel that any ingredients are not suitable for you, Beicare will according to your skin needs adding or reduce some ingredients make sure bring you the most suitable, perfect and professional skin care experience.   

6: Are the serious problem skins can applicable to customizations?

All BEICARE skin care products adhere natural, organic and gentle skin care concept, all types skin can be used. However, if it is a very serious problem skin, such as acne skin, allergy skin and other skin problems, BEICARE will advise you use BEICARE specially skin care products until your serious problem skin disappears, then you can use other normally customized season skin care products for the further skin care.

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