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Seasonal Skin Care

Spring’s wind is very dry, the temperature is fluctuating, and temperature difference between the morning and night is relatively large.  The skin sebum is become more exuberant.  Skin through the winter, due to the environmental changes, the skin begin to lack of moisture, so many people feel the skin is very dry and tight. At this stage, skin will become weak and sensitive. In addition, there is a lot of pollen and dust floating in the air in spring it can easily trigger allergic factors, causing allergic dermatitis, measles and acne. Therefore, in the spring, no matter what type of skin you are, skin care should be focus on anti – dryness and anti – allergy.  We need to do a good skin cleaning, do not give the skin too much burden, choosing low oil water-based moisturizing products to protect skins. At the same time, any type of skin care in the spring may turn into sensitive skin without properly skin care ways. So no matter what skin types in spring need pay more attention to anti allergy and keep skin resistance.

In summer, the skin pores is dilating, sweat glands will be blocked and skin is easy to lose balance, the UV damage will cause skin stratum corneum becomes thinner and the skin’s resistance is very weak. A lot of neutral skin is easy to turn into oily or dry type skin in summer. At this stage, according to the change of the season, adjust the formula of cosmetic skin care products in time can give skin the best protection. Generally speaking, summer skin care should be focus on increase the moisture and elasticity of the skin, to enhance the skin resistance and strengthen the skin repair after the sun. Even dry skin should use light, breathable skin care products with little oil whereas oily skin should always keep skin moist, add skin nutrition to deal with the damage of ultraviolet rays.

When season turns into Autumn, the temperature gradually decreases, and the air becomes more dry, so the skin secretes become less and the skin elasticity declines. At this time, skin resistance reaches to the weakest period. If you do not pay attention to the skin care, the skin will become dry and dim, then the skin is easy susceptible to bacterial infection. In addition, the air humidity is reduced in autumn, so the skin moisture evaporate quickly, it will cause skin corneous layer water deficit, the skin becomes lack of moisture and nutrition. Therefore, dry, oily, sensitive and combination type skins, should focus on adding skin moisturizing, skin care products should choose neuter ingredients, moisturize skin care products to prevent dry skin. At the same time, it also can use light oil ingredients of skin care products to protect your skin.

After the skin enters to the winter, skin sebaceous gland secretion decreases, the oil is not easy for keeping, so the skin metabolism become slowly, it is easy to cause skin dry and tightening. In winter, no matter what type of skin you are, even if the oil skin all require to use high moisturizing skin care products to protect the skin. 

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