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Benefits of incorporating regular massage with Face oils into your daily skin care rountine

Quite many of my customers feel amazing, when they know I am already over 40. They always ask me some tips of how to maintain Youthful, and Glowing Skin.

My secret is use Face oil to massage EVERY NIGHT, even just few minues.

As an aromatherapist, I always love to design different recipes combine natural plant oils and Essential oils for my clients or myself. Some of the people might think that using oil will leave the face looking oily and cause you to break out, but it’s all about finding the RIGHT one for your own skin type. No matter you are oily skin, sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin…

I can always find something right, Just For You.

Benefits of incorporating regular massage with Face Oils t into your daily skin care routine:

– Facial muscles require exercise just like the rest of your body to keep you looking younger.

– Facial massage increases circulation, relaxes the tension, brings oxygen to the area, stimulates collagen production, and gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion.

– Massage helps the nourish ingredients from our skin care products absorb more easily into the skin.

– Some facial oils are riched in antioxidants, which can prevent free radical damage.
– Face oils are more effective at moisturizing than your normal lotions or creams. Because oils are lipophilic, they can penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturising ingredients in, while keeping toxins out.

– Face oils can help to fortify and strengthen the nautral skin barrier, especially important for big city dwellers who need extra protection against pollutants and smog.

【How to apply a FACIAL OIL】

After cleansing and toning, apply 4-5 drops of oil onto your palm, and dab the oil in small dots onto your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, then gently massage the oil onto the whole face and neck till it is absorbed by the skin.


Things to remember:

– For daily facial massage, 4 to 5 minutes is enough. Too much stimulation can lead to breakouts.

– Less is definitely more. A small amount of the right product goes a long way.



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