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Body Anti-Anxiety Massage Oil ▸ 罗勒甜桔舒缓按摩油 · 舒缓抑郁 · 改善肠胃不适 150ml


Calming · Relaxing · Focus

Anxiety often causes digestive disorder. This Special designed Body Massage Oil contain Basil, Mandarin, Patchouli, etc not only reducing your anxiety, but also helping the digestive system.
Use some Relaxing Body Oil, massage the whole body, especially the tummy area. Or ask someone help to massage you back.

【Direction】:  Pump suitable amount body oil, and massage the whole body. Anxiety often causes digestive disorder. This body oil contain basil and mandarin and smooth the digestive disorders such as vomiting, gastric spasms, nausea, dyspepsia and hiccups.


Key Ingredients:

Basil  | Mandarin  | Geranium


  • Store in a cool, dark place. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use only as directed & seek advice during pregnancy, nursing, or being treated for a health condition.
  • Shelf Life: 1 years


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有焦虑,抑郁症的人,通常都会伴有肠胃不适的症状.中医角度的调理方案,通常会结合小肠经的调理. 按摩手臂内侧的手太阳小肠经,和腹部,能帮我们很好的调理小肠经,日常也要注意饮食的调理,多吃淮山,小米粥,避免生冷食物.






Bei`Care Pure Blends are only use therapeutic grade essential oils, and never diluted or mixed with additives.



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