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Calendula Anti-inflammatory Facial Toner


Calming, Soothing, Hydrating,

Soften and refreshing skin toner has nourishing ingredients, gentle texture and absorption that will leaves skin feeling continuous moisture of water throughout the day. A various of natural plants can help to balance the pH, or potential hydrogen, level of your skin.



  • helps your skin to look brighter and healthier, prevent skin irritation.
  • Providing hydration, vitamins and other essential skin nutrients to keep your skin elasticity, smoothness, moisture and a more youthful appearance.
  • Retain the skin’s natural moisture.

Suited to:  All skin types, especially for sensitive and dry skin.

Key Ingredients: Calendula, evening promise, Neroli, chamomile

Size:  150ml

Shelf Life:  2 years



The luscious organic essential water can leave your complextion feeling divinely fresh and retain the skin’s natural moisture balance. This toner combines Calendula, Evening promise, Neroli and chamomile essential oil which helps to repair free radical damage, a more youthful appearance and reduces the signs of aging skin.


Key Ingredients

  • Neroli can regulate oiliness, stimulating collagen production, improving the skin’s elasticity and reduce the signs of aging resulting in a healthy, even complexion.
  • Calendula has anti-inflammatory properties. It canstimulates skin collagen production, reduces the occurrence of dry skin and It is effective in treating sensitive skin problems and enhances skin resistance.
  • Evening Primrose Oilin rich of EPO, it may help to dilute sebum, which is the oil our skins produce naturally to lubricate and protect it self. At the same time, it can soothes and moisturizes the skin, promotes a healthy, clear, rejuvenated complexion with enhanced radiance and addresses roughness, wrinkles.
  • Chamomile extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that rich in flavonoids and antioxidants effective in protecting the skin against free radicals that cause aging.


  • After cleaning, splash half a teaspoon essential water onto a cotton pad or directly onto palms and press gently over face and neck.
  • Using morning and night.
  • For best result, follow with Beicare moisturising products.


  • External application only.
  • Patch test prior to use.
  • In unlikely event of negative reation discontinue use and consult health practitioner.
  • Recyclable material.
  • Handle with care.
  • Store in cool and dark place.
  • Colour and clarity may between products due to pure natural content.

Bei`Care Pure Blends are only use therapeutic grade essential oils, and never diluted or mixed with additives.



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