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Natural Anti -Acne Cream Lavender & Tamanu OIL



The lightweight formula cream not only provides immediate and long-term hydration for skin, but also helps in renewal of the cells, help to calm skin, prevent and heal acne breakouts.



  • Help to equalize the skin’s pH balance,moisturizes and controls the oils in your skin.
  • Helping to remove the dead cells, and new skin cells are produced to form a healthy barrier against pollutants.
  • Helping totreat signs of aging and pigmentation, hydrate skin and repair damaged skin, and provide a strong protective antioxidant boost.

Key Ingredients:  Tamanu organic, Rose ship virgin oil,Carrot infused oil,Lavender True, Frankincense CO2

Shelf Life:  2 years

Texture: Lightweight cream

Aroma: fresh, Sweet, Flora

Skin feel: Cooled and hydrated with a light finish



Deeply hydrate and comfort for all skin types, especially for oil and acne skin. The mainly natural herbal ingredients are great for helping to repair damaged skin tissues, reduce inflammation and help to prevent scarring by promoting cell and tissue growth.

Key Ingredients

  • Tamanu oil has a number of properties that can help skin wounds heal faster, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production.
  • Frankincense CO2 has the ability to rejuvenate the look of mature skinreduce the appearance of wrinkles and stimulates the growth of new cells.
  • With the Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, lavender true oil isgood for minimizing the appearance of scars, prevent and heal acne breakouts and help to equalize the skin’s pH balance.
  • Rose ship virgin oil is high in Vitamins A, C ,E, polyphenols and anthocyanin which are great for skin cell turnover, reduce inflammation, protects and repairs UV-damage and helps to reduce wrinkles.
  • Carrot infused oil is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A and E and pro-vitamin A. They are works as a supporting and protective agent that not only enhances skin health but that also repairs damage on skin that has been exposed to pollution and environmental stress, which leads to symptoms of aging.


  • Dispense one pump of Herbal Relief Cream into your hands,and massage into cleansed and toned skin.


  • External application only.
  • Patch test prior to use
  • In unlikely event of negative reaction discontinue use and consult health practitioner.
  • Recyclable material.
  • Handle with care.
  • Store in cool and dark place
  • Colour and clarity may between products due to pure natural content.

Bei`Care Pure Blends are only use therapeutic grade essential oils, and never diluted or mixed with additives.



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