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Natural Herbal Baby Massage Oil Calendula · Lavender · Mandarin



Baby massages are a great way to bring you and your little one closer. Your calming touch will make your baby feel loved and cared for. Your baby will also feel relaxed during a massage. Massage with baby oil helps add silky softness to your loving, gentle touch



  • Helps soothe exquisite skin & senses
  • Natural oils to gently soften baby skin, helping to nourish dry areas.
  • Ideal for a relaxing and calming baby massage.

Key Ingredients:  Calendula, lavender, mandarin

Suited to:  All babies


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Natural Herbal Baby Massage Baby Oil is a light moisturizing oil that absorbs quickly, leaving skin silky to the touch. This organic oil is made with skin soothing organic moisturizers: Organic Calendula Oil, Lavender oil and Mandarin oil to pamper skin of all babies.

Key Ingredients

  • Lavender oils soothe and calm the senses
  • Calendula oil keeps moisture in and helps to support baby’s delicate skin.  protects baby’s skin from the drying effects of the environment.
  • Mandarin essential oil is very mild can stimulate the growth of new skin cells and help baby in a deep sleep.


Massage oil into moist skin or add to bath water to moisturize & soften.


  • Avoid contacts with eyes.
  • If eye contact occurs, rise with water immediately.

Other Care

How to massage baby

  • Gently pour some oil on your baby’s tummy and start massaging with soft strokes. Do not put any unnecessary extra pressure.
  • Give a massage only when your baby is up for it. Keep in mind that her comfort level is more important.
  • Keep a check on your baby’s sleep cycle and then decide to give a massage accordingly.

Bei`Care Pure Blends are only use therapeutic grade essential oils, and never diluted or mixed with additives.



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